Getting Started

Now that we've got Ember-CLI installed, let's go ahead and create a new app:

$ ember new my-app -b @glimmer/blueprint
installing blueprint
  create config/environment.js
  create ember-cli-build.js
  create .gitignore
  create package.json
  create src/config/module-map.ts
  create src/config/resolver-configuration.ts
  create src/index.ts
  create src/main.ts
  create src/ui/components/MyApp/component.ts
  create src/ui/components/MyApp/component-test.ts
  create src/ui/components/MyApp/template.hbs
  create src/ui/index.html
  create tmp/.metadata_never_index
  create tsconfig.json
  create yarn.lock
Yarn: Installed dependencies
Successfully initialized git.

At this point, let's change into the directory (cd my-app), start the development server (ember s) and we're ready to begin.