Fast and light-weight UI components for the web

Available for use as web components, for standalone apps, or from within Ember.js.

Glimmer App Quickstart

  1. Install the Ember build tool:
    npm install -g ember-cli
  2. Create a new Glimmer app:
    ember new my-app -b @glimmer/blueprint
  3. Start the development server
    cd my-app/ && ember s
Getting Started Guide

Use in Ember.js:

  1. Install Glimmer packages in your Ember app:
    npm install --dev @glimmer/component @glimmer/tracking
  2. Generate a Glimmer Component
    ember generate my-component -gc
  3. See the Ember Octane Guides to learn more!


Close to the metal

Glimmer is one of the fastest DOM rendering engines, delivering exceptional performance for initial renders as well as updates. Architected like a virtual machine (VM), Glimmer compiles your templates into low-level code so it can run as fast as possible—without sacrificing ease of use.

Productive out of the box

Don’t waste days getting your application compiling. Glimmer apps are built with Ember CLI, so you get a production-ready build pipeline in seconds. No fussy configuration files needed.

From UI components to apps

Because Glimmer powers the components in Ember, there’s a battle-tested, full-stack framework waiting for you—if you need it. Just drop your Glimmer components into an Ember app. You won’t need to change a thing.